Who We Are

Tawfiq Muslim Youth is a NON Profit Organisation whose objective is to alleviate the suffering of the Poor & Sick people by offering FREE or Subsidised Health Services, Food Distribution, Home Based Care among other programs... More Info

What We Do

We focus on Education,Health Care & Community Based Programs like Orphanages, Food Distribution, Shelter Street Children,Disaster Relief among other programs... More Info

We Need Your Help

These critical projects need your urgent support.Together we can make a difference in providing Health Care,Educate a Poor Child, Give an Orphan a reason to Live!. More Info


Our Impact

  • Madrassa Tahfidhul Qur’an was renovated to a modern Madrassa and accommodating 50 boarding students.
  • Since 1992 built a fully fledged Hospital with all essential services available, such as Out Patient, Laboratory, Maternal Child Health Care, X-ray, Maternity, In –Patient, Operating Theatre, Physiotherapy, Dental and Eye Clinics.
  • Built new Maternity Wing with 10 beds capacity.
  • Built Paediatric Wing with 10 beds capacity. Maternity and Paediatric was built by a Mombasa Family.
  • Built a new In Patient Wing a one storey building adding up beds capacity by 48 beds through Islamic Development Bank.
  • Renovated the Surgical Theatre and created the second operating room with modern equipment and facilities and built by Mamujee family.

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  • Budget & Reports

Tawfiq Muslim Youth seeks to be transparent on how your donations are utilized or prioritized on various projects and programs. We encourage you to view our budgets and reports.

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