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1. Iftaar during Ramadhan:

Al-Hamdulillah for the last 25 years Tawfiq Muslim Youth, in conjunction with Muslim Aid of London, World Assembly of Muslim Youth Nairobi branch, and International Islamic Relief Organization Nairobi branch, has managed to provide Iftaar to needy Muslims both within Malindi Town and at the villages around. Cooked food is provided and in some cases uncooked food is given to the deserving families and boarding Schools and Madrassas. This is an annual expenditure and there is a notable increase in the number of those deserving the assistance. Sponsors and Donors are welcomed.

2. Distribution of Zakatul - Fitri and Udh-Hiya:

Since 1995 on behalf of the Muslim Aid of London and individuals living in London, Zakaatu-Fitri and Udh-hiya received from them during the two Idd occasions, is well co-ordinate and supervised to ensure the very needy and orphans receive the same to enable them rejoice during this period.

3. Disaster/Relief Fund:

Several disasters have faced the Muslim community in the Northern Coastal Villages and Towns. Some of them have been fire disasters at Watamu, Lamu, Faza, and in Malindi (at Shella and Maweni) in 1996.

Al-Hamdulillah various Islamic foundations and individuals listed below came forward to assist in these misfortunes: –

  • Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim Foundation, Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi High Commission for Refugees, Saudi Arabia
  • Jamii -Iyatu Taalimil Qur’an, Mombasa
  • Masjid Liwatoni Committee, Mombasa
  • Sheikh Tahir Sheikh Said and many other benevolent individuals. Assistance donated included, clothing, food, timber and roofing sheets for reconstructing the homes destroyed.

The frequency and incidental expenses incurred make it imperative that a fund be set aside for such eventualities. Once again sponsors and well wishers are requested to assist.

4. Funeral Fund:

Funeral assistance has been under taken by the organization by providing Sanda and other necessary items to bury those that have passed away in hospitals and at home. During the period of exodus of Somali nationals to Kenya, approximately 180 Somali’s en route to Mombasa from Mogadishu died as their boat capsized on 28th February 1991.

All funeral arrangements were organized and paid for with the help of well wishers. An annual expenditure of KShs. 60,000/- (USD 910) is required to meet funeral expenses for the needy ones.

5. Cemeteries:

Wakf Commissioners of Kenya contributes annually KShs 21,000/- (USD 318) towards maintaining the cleanliness of the three main cemeteries in Malindi. The actual cost is KShs 60,000/- (USD 910). Funds and sponsors are sought to meet the balance amount of KShs. 38,000/= (USD 580) annually.

6. Medical Fund:

In 1996 together with the Malindi Islamic Center for Orphans, we assisted by paying the medical expenses for the nine boys involved in a car accident. In this accident three boys died. The local community supported treatment expenses.

Resulting from these needs it was realized that a committee be formed drawing members from various Islamic Organizations. This committee was founded at Tawfiq Hospital and
its members are from Tawfiq Muslim Youth, MEDA (Muslim Education and Development Association) and Malindi Islamic Center for Orphans. Each organization provided two members and the Chairman is Al-Akh Ali Mirza.

Since its inception the under listed have been assisted to have medical treatment overseas:

1. Najma Swaleh – Funded over KShs 260,000/- (USD 4,000) for a heart surgery to India.
2. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed (6 months old child) – Funded KShs 150,000/- (USD 2,300) to India for heart surgery.
3. Sumeya Mohamed (8 months old child) – KShs 50,000/- (USD 760) has been donated by Tawfiq on behalf of the Committee for treatment overseas.
4. Following a major road accident along the Malindi – Mombasa Road a Muslim Madrassa teacher and ten of his students died, and those that demanded intensive medical attention were admitted at Tawfiq Hospital and Pandya Memorial Hospital Mombasa. Cost of treatment amounted to approximately KShs 500,000/- (USD 7,600).

7. Propagating Islam:

In 1985 with the grace of Allah the organization was able to sponsor the printing of the introduction for the translation of the Holy Qur’an in Kiswahili language, the work of Ustadh Harith Bin Swaleh.
Often printing of Islamic booklets and news real is undertaken. These costs are met by this organization, in conjunction with various sponsors and donors.

A lot more could be done as stated in our opening remarks but shortfall of funds restrict our activities in this area. Cost of publishing three Islamic books could cost close to KShs 300,000/- (USD 4,545).

8. Welfare of Muslim Orphans:

Tawfiq was fully committed upon learning that some four destitute Muslim children had been taken into the custody of a non-Muslim. Al-Hamdulillah various Muslim organizations and individuals from within and outside Malindi assisted to retrieve these children by engaging legal assistance. The custody of these children has been handed over to the Supreme Council of Kenya and are now lodged at Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s Home in Nairobi.
Our sincere thanks go to all who participated to accomplish the above, amongst them Honorable Brother Abubakar Badawy, Member of Parliament for Malindi.

9. Tawfiq Orphanage:

The above incident dictated that we have our own orphanage. Through the Hon Minister of Social Services, Culture and Heritage the same has been registered on 22nd February 1999. Our organization now runs an orphanage by the name Tawfiq Orphanage based at the Madrassa Tahfidhul Qur’an in Malindi. Even though the home is not facilitated well, it is our wish to sponsor 10 orphans in the event of finding sponsors.

10. Home for elderly destitute persons:

Similar to the orphanage, there is needed to provide shelter and meals to destitute old people. The numbers of such people is on the increase. Sponsors/Donors are welcomed.

11. Welfare of Muslim women:

Income generating small scale projects for women is an area demanding follow up and funding. So far we have managed to purchase 2 Freezers and a Fridge for two women, locally, through sponsorship from Al-Hijra Society of London. Sponsors/ Donors are sought to increase support to such needy women to enable them sustain themselves and their families.

12. Muslim NGOS:

Tawfiq Muslim Youth managed to unite Muslims of Malindi town in organizing a peaceful demonstration to support five Islamic NGO’s which were banned by the Government of Kenya. The NGO’s now have been re-registered through a court order.

13. Construction of Mosques:

Funded by Africa Muslim Agency of Kuwait and supervised by Tawfiq Muslim Youth three mosques have been built. These are: –

• Masjid Taqwa, Government of Kenya Prisons Malindi
• Masjid Rahman, Muhuruni Kwale
• Masjid Dalal Al- Fahad, Tawfiq Hospital Malindi.