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Tawfiq Hospital

Tawfiq Hospital

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

All praise and thanks belong to ALLAH Subhanau Wataala, Lord of the Universe. May ALLAH’S blessings and peace be upon the last of the prophets and messengers Muhammad, his family, companions and all those who follow in his footsteps till the day of Resurrection.

Every Year Tawfiq Muslim Youth continues to give its annual report to highlight the details in a small way of the Trust you have bestowed on us. It may be very difficult to put to pen and pictures all that we have achieved during the Year it’s my humble appeal to invite you to come and see for yourselves and we shall be honoured by such visit.

Tawfiq Muslim Youth is doing its best within the resources received from you all and it my assurance that we effectively utilise as per your intentions.

Over the Years from the time Tawfiq Muslim Youth was born the demand has grown tremendously due to increase in population, disasters, weather and environment changes, poverty rise and new challenging diseases. All these issues require advanced strategies and technology especially in the health care.

Tawfiq Hospital is in dire need to meet its challenges to enhance its capacity and service delivery. We require to complete all the infrastructures such as buildings, equipments and furnishings but more important on man power to be efficient and effective. As you come to support our projects kindly donate in these two major noble causes i.e. the Hospital improvement and building as well as education of our future doctors and staff in general.

The Renal (Kidney) is also a major issue in the region together with the Cancer or Oncology department I humble request your support as most people cannot afford to take care of such cases. Kindly let us put our Zakat and Sadaqat in proper use for the future and health care of our people. Kindly come forward and put in Awqaf Fund and properties to save us from increasing cost of medical health care.

Al Hamdulillah with the progress going on at Tawfiq Hospital In Shaa Allah we welcome the support and generosity from well wishers and enable us to complete all our projects.

Ahmed Aboud Hadi